Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Intentions for 2013

As we continue to prepare for our trip to begin (in less than 2 months!), Dave and I have been thinking about what we intend to accomplish during it. Intentions are powerful; by stating you will do something, it very often comes to be. Intention is how this journey began; we decided to do it, began talking about it, and all the puzzle pieces started coming together. So, instead of a list of goals for our year of travels, we have a list of intentions: the things we will do. Some of our intentions are serious, others whimsical. They include both experiences and knowledge. However, they're all open...the last thing we want to do is limit our experience and knowledge with our pre-convieved notions of the things we want. Perhaps our primary intention for the entire trip is to be open to new places, experiences, knowledge, and things.

1. Meet 40 people who know more about farming/sustainability/self-sufficiecy than we do  
Being city or suburb dwellers our whole lives, we're relative novices to lifestyles of farming, sustainability, and self sufficiency, but we know that's what we want our future to look like. This is one of the primary purposes of this trip: to gain the knowledge we need to live the self-sufficient, sustainable, farm-based life we want. We're excited to meet amazing people who can help us learn along our journey.

2. Work on a farm with alpacas
These guys are seriously some of my favorite creatures, and we've decided when we have our farm someday, a few alpacas will be a part of it. We'd love to work at a farm where we can get first hand experience learning about keeping alpacas as part of the farm and family.

2. Lean more about chicken keeping 
Pretty much every farm has chickens, and it is one of the parts of farm life I'm most excited about. I'm interested in learning everything there is to know about keeping a laying flock on the farm. I've read my books on chickens, but it will be great to hang out with them more in person!

3. Work at the Hostel in the Forest
This amazing place in Brunswick, GA really ignited our love for all things farm, forest, and sustainable. Spending some time on staff here would really be a full circle experience. We've got our applications in and our hopes high that they'll have two staff spots open that coincide with our general travel plans.  Check out their website and book a visit if you've never get to stay in a cool tree house, shower in the forest, and wake up to Pepper, the world's best rooster!
Some pictures from our first trip to the Hostel. 

4. Meditate at Sedona's Energy Vortexes 
Like all journeys, ours is about more than the physical travel. I, especially, am looking forward to the spiritual energy Sedona offers, and can't wait to soak it in, especially at the energy vortexes I've heard so many amazing stories about. Of course, my quest for higher consciousness can happen all across the country, but it is exciting to have specific sites with great vibes to look forward to. 

5. Capture some great natural landscapes on canvas 
This intention is Dave's. We're both excited about having space and time for creativity on this trip, and Dave is really looking forward to time to paint and draw as well as amazing landscapes across the country for inspiration. 

We'll post plenty more of these as we continue to prepare for our trip. We hope you'll continue to follow us on our journey! 


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