Monday, January 14, 2013

Changing Seasons and Scenery

Today, a reason I'm excited for our trip: change. Seasonal change, lifestyle change, a change of scenery.

This evening, I got my copy of "Seasoned" in the mail. I found this great little quarterly recipe/ writing publication over at a great farmy blog I love, Oliver and Abraham's. The back and front cover art as well as some writing is done by McKenzie of Oliver and Abraham's. The goal of "Seasoned" seems to be to give seasonally appropriate recipes, anecdotes, stories, and pictures.

Looking at all the recipes, rich with leeks, onions, potatoes, and other hearty winter vegetables, made me realize how much I miss the change of seasons living here in Florida. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I couldn't wait to be out of the cold, but now I realize how natural and beautiful having seasonal change is, and just how unnatural and odd living in the same season year-round can feel.

All this made me realize how much I'm looking forward to the change this trip will bring in our lives. It will bring changes of seasons, changes of the foods available to us, changes of lifestyle, and changes of attitudes, and all this excites me very much.


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