Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finding Home

Before the wedding, we talked about wanting to move to Chattanooga. Everything we heard about it described our perfect place. Lots has happened between then and now, including our road trip to Chattanooga, and we've made the decision to live in Pittsburgh. It's funny that it required us driving all the way to Tennessee to make the decision to live here, but I guess that's how life works. Sometimes you just need a new perspective. Once we crossed Chattanooga off our list, the country was wide open, and we entertained many possibilities. What about Nashville? Louisville? Columbus? When we sat down to really think about what we wanted from a place, we realized Pittsburgh fulfilled all of our qualifications in spades. It is close to family, affordable, has a good economy, is interesting and artsy, and has many houses available in our price range. It just makes sense to live here, and why wouldn't we want to? There is, after all, a 40 foot tall rubber duck floating in the river! 

Though I wasn't born here, I've lived in Pittsburgh for a long time, and have always identified it as "home." Like most people, I spent a lot of energy and effort trying to get away from home and see something different, which I did achieve by moving to Orlando. However, like one of my good friends said to me when she visited for the wedding, there is always a certain magnetic pull about home. There's something ingrained in you that makes you want to go back. Now that Dave and I have fully committed to living here, Pittsburgh suddenly seems exciting and beautiful, like the best place we've been. It is perfect. It is home

The following is a selection of Dave's photos from around Pittsburgh over the past month or two to celebrate our decision to live in this wonderful city. 

Remember the Locks of Love street art project we loved in Portland, Maine? We were delighted to find Pittsburgh's own Schenley Park Bridge covered with love locks. 

Many locks had couples' initials and a significant date, perhaps a wedding or an anniversary. We intend to place a lock to commemorate our wedding here, too!

Just like in Portland, it was fun to look at each individual lock. 

Some bridge graffiti. 

Pittsburgh looks especially stunning in its transition to Fall. 

It was a gorgeous day for a walk along the river. 

A unique view from the underside of a roadway. 

The view from Point State Park, which is the green space in the heart of downtown. 

We were intrigued by these heavy rings, which we suppose must be used for mooring large boats, like the industrial barges that sometimes pepper the river. 

Thank you Pittsburgh! We're really happy to fully embrace and call you home. 


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