Friday, October 25, 2013

Summer Roundup

We woke up early this morning to the season's first dusting of snow! It melted quickly, but there was a thin layer on the deck and the roof of the shed. Yesterday, we picked the last of the green peppers and buried the green sprouts of garlic peeking above the earth under a thick blanket of compost to remind them to go dormant and keep them warm for the winter. I used to hate the cold, but now, after having lived in Florida for a few years, this gradual change of seasons feels natural. The cold air feels crisp and refreshing to breathe in. I think we're going to adjust to living back in the North just fine. 

Before it gets too late in the season, here is a roundup of Dave's best nature photography from over the summer we haven't yet had a chance to share. 

During a walk on the Montour Trail, we spotted these butterflies and bees enjoying this plant.  

There's always time for a dance by the creek! 

We didn't attract many hummingbirds with the new feeder this summer, but the deer are always a joy to watch. 

They loved the apples falling from our tree. 

Hello, Mr. Squirrel. 

We spotted these mushrooms in a Nashville park. 

We named this tree "The Singing Tree," because it was filled with so many songbirds, it sounded like a choir. 

One day, we found this gorgeous butterfly on the driveway. I wasn't sure if she was hurt, because she stayed perfectly still on the pavement even when I knelt right next to her. Because the day was a bit cool, we think she was perhaps sunning, trying to build up warmth from the blacktop. 

We wanted to move her away from cars in the driveway, and she let Dave pick her right up. When he gently placed her on a branch in this tree, she took flight, and flew all the way across the back yard to the neighbor's. 

My parent's neighbor grows tons of flowers, which he shades with colorful umbrellas each year. 

He grows some really lovely and unique varieties, which of course flourish under his careful attention. 

We explored nearby Settler's Cabin Park one sunny Saturday afternoon. 

We're certainly grateful for all summer's beauty we enjoyed, and now we happily welcome fall and winter and the changes they bring. 


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