Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Engagement!

Right now, it's been difficult to get into the discipline of blogging daily, or at least nearly every day. Between projects we're trying to finish up, packing, and planning this wedding, my days have been happily full. Yup, we're getting married! We got engaged back in December, right before my birthday, after being together for about 3 years. We'll be getting married in September in Pennsylvania, about in the middle of our trip. It's really a nice way to have a loose plan of where we'll be traveling...East Coast pre-wedding, Pennsylvania for the month of September, and West Coast post-wedding. We're really excited about the wedding, and got some fantastic engagement photos done a few weeks ago by a friend here in Florida, Miriam Lorenzi. The shoot was so much was like playing in the park for a while! Here are some of our favorite shots.


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