Monday, February 4, 2013

Gnome Love

One of our favorite projects leading up to this trip has been creating gnome "reminder" cards. (They're business cards, but we decided to use a cooler name, since we're not really a business!) These little guys have been so much fun to create! They're stamped on the backside with our names and website information. We've come to think of them a bit like trading cards, and hope to pass them out to all our new friends we meet along the way to help stay in touch, as well as leave them in random places to help spread the gnome love!

Assorted gnomes. 

Close up of Love gnome, Dave's creation. 

One of Dave's favorites, camo gnome. 

One of my favorites, Pajama gnome. 

Who's your favorite gnome? Do you have an idea for a gnome we need? Leave us a comment! 


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