Monday, March 4, 2013

On the Road at Last!

We are finally on the road! The last few weeks were crazy-getting the house packed up, trying to fit things in the van, cleaning the house before moving out, and saying farewells to friends. Many days, it was completely overwhelming, but now that we're finally on the road, it feels like a great accomplishment. Already, we've had to get rid of stuff we tried to fit in the van...there was just too much to fit comfortably in there with us. We were able to give some things to the Salvation Army and a bunch of items to friends. When you're living out of your van with all of your stuff with you, it feels surprisingly cleansing to say, "Okay, I can live without this." I'm sure we'll get rid of lots more along the way as we learn what we really do and don't need. Already, we're learning all kinds of little things to help us in our nomadism...don't put my decaf teas in a hard to reach place, because I'm going to want tea in the morning, and neither of us are going to want to dig through the whole van to find them, squirt top lotion bottles are going to be a disaster, etc. However, we also learned that even when it's 32 degrees out, the van is cozy warm with sleeping bags, and a Denny's parking lot is a great place to sleep for the night and have all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4 in the morning. 

This weekend, we also learned it was really hard to leave Orlando. Orlando truly felt like home for both of us. Our little apartment felt like home, we knew all the little backstreets and short cuts, we had great memories all over town, and, most importantly, we had great friends. We had a great week saying bye to our close friends, and an especially wonderful weekend staying with some fantastic friends and one of the coolest bulldogs ever. Another wonderful friend included our going-away party as part of his annual birthday bash. We had champagne in the hot tub, sat around the fire pit, and saw so many wonderful people we've been lucky to know. So thank you, Orlando, for being such a wonderful home for the past 4 years, and thank you to all of our friends! 


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