Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beaver Dams and Dusk Landscapes

Shortly after we posted yesterday about our adventure to the Loon Center, we talked to my Dad on the phone and found out our Loon Center bumper sticker arrived. Thanks Loon Preservation Committee! That was speedy. We can't wait to put the new sticker on our van. 

After the loon expedition, we stopped alongside the road for these pictures. 

We loved this wet, marshy landscape, a regular sight along the byways of New England. 

The sounds here were incredible: the birds were singing, the frogs were croaking, and the crickets were chirping in a symphony quite different from the dusky grey landscape. 

A red-winged blackbird perching in the reeds. 

Another red-winged blackbird. 

We're not sure what these cute, fuzzy birds were, but they were very talkative. 

A bit further along, Dave spotted this gigantic beaver dam from the road, and we found a place to park and walk down to it. 

Beavers are one of my favorite creatures, and we've been on the constant look out for them ever since we first spotted one back in North Carolina. Unfortunately, we didn't catch sight of the beaver here, but it was neat to see how big a dam he built. 

It is incredible to think that a team of beavers chewed and placed each individual log. 

We were also lucky enough to spot this, the actual home of the beaver. It was so neat. 


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