Thursday, July 18, 2013

Secret Falls

We spent a day in Cornish, New Hampshire, another location where Dave once lived. 

We always enjoy coming across covered bridges. 

Dave took this photo blindly by sticking his camera out of a space in the covered bridge. 

When we visited a house where Dave and his family lived, he was surprised to see the path to this old cemetery cleared. When he lived up the street from this, he discovered it by accident one day; it was completely obscured by the woods. Now, someone has taken the trouble to clear a path and put a fence around the old tombstones. 

The path to the cemetery was beautiful and shaded by a tall grove of trees. 

The oldest tombstone we found was from someone who died in 1798. It is amazing many of the engravings are still readable. It was also astounding that someone had recently placed American flags by several of the stones for those who died centuries ago. 

Our next stop was one of Dave's old favorite watering holes. The path had mostly grown over, but we were still able to find it. As we carefully made our way down the steep incline, we could hear the sound of rushing water beside us. 

At the end of our descent, the woods opened up, revealing this amazing waterfall in the clearing. 

This counts as another spectacular secret place we've enjoyed on our travels. Not another single person was here. 

Dave washed my hair in the river for me, one of the many sure signs I'm definitely marrying the right guy. Having been hot and sweaty for days in this summer heat wave, dipping in the cold, clear, water with a bar of soap was a phenomenal experience. 

Dave was enjoying his waterfall shower! 

Around the bend downriver from the waterfall. Shaded by the forest canopy, this was such a perfect place to splash in the water and get some respite from the intense heat. 


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