Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Part 1

Over the weekend, we had a lovely day with my parents at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. We had over 300 photos from the day! We've picked our 45 favorite and will divide them up between this and a second post to follow. 

There were so many baby animals. This young rhino was too cute. 

Mamma rhino. 

The big cats, such as this snoozy lion, tend to sleep through the day. 

This tiger was rolling over in his sleep. 

The flamingos are always a joy to watch. 

This little guy, a Red Panda, was a major source of attention. There are very few remaining in the wild. Dave struggled to snap this photo through the throngs of parents and especially kids crowded around this snuggly critter. 

It was amazing to catch this leopard prowling out of his hiding spot, and unusual given the heat and time of day. 

The sea lions are some of our favorites. We could watch them for hours. 

Mamma and kiddo sea lion. 

Little sea lion kept going indoors, where we could see zoo keepers walking around. It must have been almost meal time. 

A very happy polar bear! 

A challenge for Dave at the zoo was photographing through the highly reflective glass. 

While in the aquarium, my parents sighted this peacock who had flown onto the roof to show off through the windows! 

Strutting for the zoo visitors. 


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