Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meet Me in the Apple Orchard: Our Wedding, Part 4

Some of our favorite memories from the wedding were breaking away for our couple's photos. Just like so many wedding websites suggested, that bit of "time out" just to reconnect between the ceremony and the reception was really special and memorable. 

We had a great time wandering around with Miriam and finding perfect spots for photos. I think the lighting and background in this picture are especially nice. 

We knew we wanted to get some photos in Greendance's apple orchard. We had hoped the apples would be on the trees for our wedding, and they certainly were! After all the nervousness leading up to the ceremony, we were starving, so we decided to try a few of the picture-perfect fruits. Dave shined one from this tree up for me. 

The apples were absolutely delicious! Every apple I have eaten since this day has been a disappointment, because these apples were perfect. Having fully ripened on the tree branch, they were crisp, with no soft spots like most store-bought fruit. They were incredibly juicy and so sweet and flavorful. I have no idea what varieties we tried, but each apple was more delicious than the next. 

We were also happy to see the grass was green and there were weeds growing around the apple trees. We saw several horrifying orchards in our travels that were using so much pesticide, the ground under the trees was brown and dead. All the green was a refreshing sight. 

I had an interesting visitor during our photo shoot. This poor bee must have been attracted by the smell of the apples we were eating, and he got his delicate feet stuck in the lace of my dress. 

Dave was able to get him off with a leaf. He was kind enough not to sting me. 

It was such a perfect afternoon to play in an apple orchard. Greendance welcomes you to pack a picnic to have in the orchard, which we will most certainly do when the warm weather returns next year. 

Just look at those branches loaded with apples! I was surprised they were able to support the weight of so much fruit. 

After the orchard, we headed back for some final shots on the leaf-sprinkled road. 

I don't think we could have found a more ideal setting for photos than Greendance. 

Thanks again to Miriam Lorenzi for the gorgeous photography! 


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