Sunday, December 22, 2013

Post-Ceremony Celebratory Wine Hour: Our Wedding, Part 3

It's difficult to believe we've already been married for over three months! I apologize to our readers for taking so long to get these photos up. So much has been happening and changing in our lives! Finally, here is part three in our series of wedding posts. 

Directly following our ceremony, guests convened near the gardens at Greendance Winery for an hour of wine and celebration preceding the reception. The wine from Greendance was a big hit, and many guests bought bottles to take home with them. 

Along with the good wine and conversation, we were incredibly impressed with the music. A band was playing during our whole wine hour, but they were not involved with our wedding. They were there for the patrons of Greendance enjoying a Saturday afternoon in the gardens. However, we were set up near them, and everyone could hear the music. Amazingly, they spent a lot of time playing Led Zeppelin, which is my favorite band. They even played "Thank You," which Dave and I almost used as our first-dance song. It was hard to believe we were hearing it played live at our wine hour by a band we did not even purposely hire! It was definitely serendipitous. 

The wine hour was a great way for Dave and I to mingle with our guests for a while before heading off for photos and arriving at the reception. 

After telling the story of my wedding dress in our first wedding post, I realized I neglected to give due diligence to my groom's wedding attire. All of Dave's attire was also thrifted, something we were quite proud of. It was so much more fun to find his outfit over the course of our travels than to buy it all at once in a department store. His suspenders and hat came from Avalon Exchange consignment store in Squirrel Hill. His shirt was thrifted from one of the Volunteers of America stores in Ohio. (Ohio has the best thrift store anywhere.) His pants came from our Goodwill in Robinson, PA, and Dave added buttons for the suspenders himself. And finally, we bought his shoes, vintage Italian leather, for a couple of dollars at a thrift store in Newark, Delaware, near the college. The only thing we bought from a department store were his socks.

Miriam captured this great shot of Austin in mid-jump. This picture really captures his energy and spunk. 

And this one captures his incredibly sweet personality. 

My bouquet was made Elizabeths' mom at Nino's, which you'll hear more about in the coming posts about our reception. I didn't provide any photos or specifics for my bouquet; I just said I wanted it to be very colorful and fit with the Fall season. I was so happy with my flowers; Elizabeth's mom did a fantastic job. 

Our good friends Deborah and Alex traveled from Florida to spend our wedding with us.

Dave and his step-father, Scott. 

My beautiful grandmother. 

We had hoped for Fall foliage during our wedding, and these trees were kind enough to change colors for our special day. In the end, though, I'm so glad we had our wedding when we did, because I realize the warmer weather and greenery made for a much better day and much better photos than later Fall foliage would have. 

It was so neat to see friends of ours who had never even met enjoying each other's company. 

Again, thanks to Miriam Lorenzi for the gorgeous photography. 


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