Friday, May 10, 2013

Baaaas and Bottles

Today, we went to this gorgeous nearby farm to work. 

Isn't it amazing? It's so picturesque. This pond is just perfect. 

And then there were the lambs. 

A set of triplets is being bottle fed to supplement the amount of milk their mother can produce. 

Getting to feed them was such a joy. They latch on to those bottles with some serious strength and eagerness! 

Me with Sherry, the farm's owner and loving caretaker of all these wonderful creatures. 

For work, Dave was in charge of hauling out layers of old hay from the barn floor and driving it up to this pile with the tractor. 

I was in charge of weeding a perennial bed. It's funny, I used to be so squeamish of bugs, but all this recent weeding and digging around in the dirt has brought me a new appreciation of them. I love finding all the earthworms and slugs, and was especially excited about this little guy. What a great bug. He curled right up into a ball when I disturbed the dirt around him, but once I left him alone for a while, he uncurled and looked for some new dirt to burrow into. Finding bugs like this in the dirt makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland. 

Tonight we have our bedroom window open and we're listening to the rain. What a lovely day. Tomorrow is our day off, and if the rain clears up, we have plans for canoeing and picture taking! 


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