Friday, May 24, 2013

Bird Watching, Garden Planting, and Pants Patching

The bird feeder in my parents' backyard gives me hours of entertainment. There's been lots of binocular using and bird book searching. Most recently, we've seen male and female boat-tailed grackles, a pair of house finches, a red-winged blackbird, and, of course, some beautiful cardinals. 

We've had a few days of sporadic rain, but we've managed to get almost everything planted in between the storms except for the lettuce, carrots, and beets. 

We planted our tomato and basil next to each other since they are good companion plants, and put crushed egg shells in the bottom of the tomato holes since they like extra calcium. 

There are snap peas and garden beans planted along the middle rows. 

There are eggplant, broccoli, green and banana peppers, onion, and parsley along the sides of the garden. We are really looking forward to a lovely bounty when we come back to Pittsburgh this Fall.

Unfortunately, there's a chance of frost tonight, on Memorial Day weekend when it's nearly June! Hard to believe. Tonight all our poor little plants are well covered with sheets and blankets. Hopefully they make it through alright. 

Dave's on-going spare time project this week has been patching up this old pair of jeans. He finally finished today. 

He even sewed in a new pocket! I'm constantly impressed by Dave's ability to's just something I'm not any good at. 

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend. We're busy planning and cooking for a family gathering we're having at our place this weekend. (Looking forward to seeing you all soon!) The two things I'm most excited about cooking are homemade baked beans, and strawberry shortcake from scratch. Yum! 


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