Friday, May 31, 2013

Greendance Winery

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a drive to the Laurel Highlands region of PA, where Dave and I are getting married in September. Because most of the wedding planning has been done from a distance, my parents kindly tromped through the snow for us this January to look at a handful of potential wedding venues we picked online. They sent back pictures and pricing and thoughts, and we eventually decided on Greendance Winery. This weekend, Dave and I were very excited to see our wedding venue ourselves, in person and without snow on the ground! 

Sand Hill berry farm is also part of Greendance winery. They grow their own berries and turn them into yummy things like jams and jellies. 

This is an adorable little dessert stand in front of the winery. I love how everything is hand painted. 

Outdoor cafe in front of the winery. 

All the tables are hand painted, too! This one with the guinea hens was one of our favorites. 

Mom, Dad, and I in front of the winery store. 

Wedding planning notebook in hand! 

This is the natural aisle our guests and I will be walking down to the wedding ceremony. It will be lined with fall flowers, and, hopefully, the trees will be changing to vibrant shades of oranges, reds, and browns. 

The natural amphitheater where our wedding ceremony will take place. 

There is even a field full of sheep behind the wedding ceremony spot! We're so pleased with this venue. It is just what we wanted: natural, outdoors, and full of critters and life. 

There are also extensive apple orchards at Greendance. You can take a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the orchards on weekdays. 

Dave got some awesome shots of these mushrooms growing on the property. 


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