Monday, May 20, 2013

Home and Garden

We've arrived in Pittsburgh, where we'll be staying at my parents' home for the next two weeks or so. There are friends to visit with, graduation parties to attend, wedding plans to work on, and parts of the city to explore. After traveling since March 3, it's nice to see some familiar faces, and drive on some roads where we don't need to use the GPS! 

One of the things we're working on together as a family is putting a garden in the backyard. My dad got most of the groundwork done for the project before we arrived, so Dave and I have been helping with the finishing touches. Yesterday, we bought some seeds and a few small herb plants. We're going to plot out a garden diagram and get everything planted this week. My dad and I used to plant a garden when I was younger, but it's been ages since we've found the time to plant. It's nice to get back into it again. Also, since we'll be home again at the end of the summer for the wedding, Dave and I will get to enjoy some of the delicious fruits of our labor! 

Dad cutting one of the stones we're using to edge the bed. 

Mom helping rake out the dirt. 

Even Gigi the family dog is helping. 

Dave and Dad taking some measurements. 

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  1. looks like it going to be a nice garden... good luck in your future endeavor


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