Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dust Baths, Guinea Hens, and Chipmunks

When we went to Greendance Winery, the site of our wedding, we were treated to all kinds of great critter sightings. 

First, we were greeted by these guinea hens near the entrance. I love these guys, and we definitely would enjoy having some around. They are voracious hunters, controlling the tick population, and they even eat snakes! Perhaps best of all, they're just irresistibly silly looking with their polka dots and painted heads. 

And then there were these guys. We knew we'd picked the right place to be married when we began seeing dozens of chipmunks running and playing on the grounds. It was like being in a scene from Bambi. 

This chipmunk had the cutest little house in this stump. I can't believe these adorable photos Dave was able to get. 

Ever since we were able to interact with them for the first time in Boyerstown, I've been head over heels with sheep. I couldn't have been any happier to learn that all these guys live right behind the natural amphitheater where our wedding ceremony will be. 

There were precious little lambs! 

There's just nothing sweeter than seeing lambs bounce, jump, and play together. 

Finally, as we were leaving, we came across this bird taking a dust bath in the parking lot area. Nature is amazing. 


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