Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adventures in Chimney Rock- Part 1

Yesterday, we took a drive to Chimney Rock, about 25 miles away from Asheville. As we're often noticing with trips to hiking spots and national parks, the drive is half the fun. The drive to Chimney Rock took us up winding hills with switchback roads lined with picturesque farms and civil-war era wooden fences. We kept pulling off to look at things and take pictures, and also to let other cars go by since we were driving about 15 miles an hour! 

We loved the green moss covered roof of this cabin. 

This place was actually called Peaceful Retreats, and it was aptly named. The lake really did appear this color in the sun. And that's an adorable outdoor oven by the lake. Looks perfect. 

More of this mossy cabin. 

The rolling green hills of one of the many farms we passed. 

It's too bad this place- a little market selling homemade apple butters, jellies, and all kinds of other goodies- wasn't open yet for the season. I liked their clever way to make a few extra dollars: $1 to use a picnic table by the river! 

We followed this water source as it turned from a creek into a full-fledged, breathtaking river further up the mountain. 


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