Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tennis without Rackets

Today, we played tennis without a racket using some tennis balls someone had left behind on the court.

Thinking about it, that's really a metaphor for our lives currently.

Every week, we've been trying to pare down and get rid of even more. Condensing a house full of stuff into a van hasn't been easy. We've gotten rid of some stuff we really could have used, like the tennis rackets I gave away for free in our yard sale, and saved some things we'll probably never use, like a tool chest. However, we're learning there are very few things you really need. It's easy to make do with the resources you have available. You just have to use a little creativity and think outside the box. You might just discover a fun new game, like handball tennis.

We're grateful Asheville has been our training wheels for the past week and a half as we've been on a learning curve for this new lifestyle. This week, we're looking forward to doing a few day hikes around the Asheville area and then moving on. We've also been busy working to get our Etsy shop up and running where we'll be selling our upcycled art, business card blanks, vintage magazine prints, and Dave's artwork.


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