Friday, March 8, 2013

Arriving in Asheville

Yesterday, we made it to Asheville. We love it here already. There are so many streets and places to explore. There are locally owned businesses, coffee shops, bookstores, and anything else you could want on every street corner, and the people are friendly and wonderful. We actually pulled out our propane cookstove and cooked lunch at a picnic table outside of Whole Foods, and no one gave us any strange looks...they just smiled and waved. This is definitely our sort of place.

We're CouchSurfing with a great guy, Tom, who has a backyard with chickens, a kitchen full of herbs and homemade concoctions, and tons of information about the local scene. Yesterday, we watched and helped a little as he and a friend made homemade sausages with the meat from a hog he bought earlier in the year.

We're hoping to be able to stay in Asheville for a while and really enjoy and get a feel for it, but so far we haven't had any luck with getting a work exchange near here, so we'll see how things end up working out. In any case, we're excited to enjoy our time here, however long it may be. This weekend, we're looking forward to being volunteers at the Organic Gardener's School annual conference, where we'll also get to attend classes when we're done with our volunteer shifts. It should be a great experience.

Here are a few leftover photos we didn't get a chance to post from Savannah. We loved this falling-down old building. There's something so appealing about structures like this. They hold so much history, so many stories in their faded facades and crumbling foundations.


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