Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sarah P. Duke Gardens- Part 1

We woke up today to the soothing pitter-patter of rain on the van, but it kindly cleared up by mid-morning before we went to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Like everything else at Duke, the gardens were huge. We spent 4 hours there, and only saw half of the gardens! Of course, we were walking slowly and stopping to watch birds and wildlife, but still, the gardens are huge; they contain over five miles of walking paths. 

Pine needles had falled and were draping over the remaining leaves on this tree, which looked like they should have fallen off in the fall. From this angle, it looks like a natural mobile. 

This was my favorite reflection pond. With the tree matter that had fallen and was floating near the surface, it hardly looked real. It was serene. On the pagoda next to the pond, there was a group of people meditating. All of the gardens had a peaceful, meditative quality to them today, especially after the rain. Nature felt fresh and calm. From a distance, we could hear the Easter bells chiming from Duke chapel, and, filtered through the trees, the effect was very relaxing. 

Stepping stones across the pond. 

A neat walkway in the Asiatic garden section. 

Blooming Japanese cherry trees complemented the red bridge, also in the Asiatic garden section. 

Dave found a quiet meditation spot of our own: a perfect tree stump in a secluded section on the gardens. 

We loved being at the gardens today. It was one of those days when just being in nature feels like a meditation in itself, and it was wonderful. I will post our pictures of birds and other wildlife next; there were too many photos to fit all in one post. 


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