Friday, March 29, 2013

From China to Durham

We left Dave's grandparents' house this afternoon after spending a great week there. We really enjoyed spending time with them. Thanks guys! :) 

We were very sad to leave China behind. Dave's grandparents took her in recently, but they are looking for a new home for her since she doesn't mix well with their other pets. We certainly would have taken her if we were not traveling right now. It was so sad to leave without her; she even tried to climb in the van with us. We hope this baby goes to a good home. 

We are on our way to our first work exchange in Ruffin NC, near the Virginia border. We don't have to be there until Monday and the drive ended up being a shorter distance than we had thought, so we decided to detour towards Chapel Hill and Durham. We walked around the UNC Chapel Hill campus for a while today, and found this cool horn outside of the music building. We've been chuckling about how much of this trip we've spent at UNC so far, since we spent a lot of time on their Asheville campus, too. 

Poor Dave is a Duke fan and has felt traitorous with all this UNC time, so tonight, we are in Durham to watch the big game, and we're going to hang out at Duke tomorrow. Hopefully the weather stays as nice as it was was 64 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather for driving with the windows open. 


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