Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beaches, Antiques, and Grassy Pastures

Since yesterday, we've been spending time at Dave's grandparent's home in Holden Beach, NC. We took all back roads again from Georgia, and turned the trip into a great two-afternoon cruise. It was rainy and dreary out (the entire country seems to be under some spell of terrible weather right now), but we turned up the music and had a great time. 

On the drive, we saw some incredible landscapes. There was some sort of orange-ish grass growing here...

And the most lush, green grass you'll ever see growing here. I like the strip of brown and regular grass also in the photo, because it gives some perspective as to just how green this grass actually was. 

We took a walk on the beach by Dave's grandparents, which turned out to be like taking a walk in a hurricane. It was SO windy! The sand was literally whipping across the beach. These pictures give a little perspective on it. You can see the lighter color on top of the darker color sand...that's the camera's attempt to catch mass amounts of sand in motion. Though we were freezing, the appearance of the blowing sand was magical. 

It's also quite a change from the mountain scenery we've been used to lately! 

Today, we went out with Grandma to visit the antique store she runs, Squires Antiques. What a great place! We also went to several thrift stores and spent the day hunting for great bargains we couldn't live without. We now have an amazing handmade Peruvian throw ($7.50), a tweed jacket ($2.50), and a paisley scarf for Dave, who finds it makes him look "dashing" ($2.00). We also have some gifts from Grandma's antiques store, including some National Geographic's from the 1930's, and a wedding band for Dave, something we've been searching for. This one was a perfect fit, and was just what we wanted. I'm glad we waited and held out for this, which was clearly just meant to be! 

We also went to Calabash, NC, where we bought huge shrimp at the docks, literally fresh off the the boat, followed by a trip to the Farm Market, where we got acorn squash, potatoes, and yellow squash. We brought everything home, and cooked up a mouth-watering, fresh dinner. Pretty much a perfect day! 


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