Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creative Spaces

One of the best things about Asheville so far is discovering amazing surprises around every corner. Yesterday, after taking a wrong turn, we came across a magical little homemade sculpture garden. It was a meditative and soothing space. I love shared creative spaces. The artist, Christopher, clearly loved and enjoyed creating this space, and also clearly loved the idea of sharing and having it be freely open and accessible to everyone who wanders by. 

In one corner of the garden, there was a huge steel round with plenty of magnets. It would be so neat if someone found their way to this blog through that!

We were drawn to all the blue in the garden. It's been really nice to be cold for a few days after years in Florida. I had forgotten how refreshing a crisp early spring day is. Even though the trees are still leafless, the blue bottle trees seemed to be glimmering with the coming of spring. 

We've done much more fun exploring here in Asheville, but our time is currently consumed with volunteering at OGS, which is also turning out to be a stellar experience. More on all that soon. 


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