Monday, June 3, 2013

An Afternoon on the Three Rivers: Gateway Clipper Fleet

We got tickets to the Pirates game on Saturday, and decided to get there by crossing the river on one of the Gateway Clipper boats. While walking across the bridge is just as practical, occasionally it's a lot of fun to take a boat across the river from Station Square to the baseball park.

My parents and I. 

Some of the murals leading up to the ticketing and docks for the Gateway Clipper fleet. 

The dock area. 

The inside of the boat we were on. The Gateway Clipper boats also get used for things like proms, special dinners, and wedding receptions. 

On the top deck of the boat. 

It was amazing seeing these smaller birds chase this hawk in the sky above our heads. 

The coolest thing about taking the Gateway Clipper is the unique views of the city the ride offers. When you're used to seeing your city from the roadways, its neat to get a new perspective of it from the water. 

Going under the bridges is especially cool. 

A great view of Pittsburgh and Point State Park. 

Approaching the Pirates' stadium on the left. 

This was the boat we were on after we disembarked. 

Thanks Gateway Clipper fleet! 


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