Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just Jump: Exploring New Hampshire

We've made it to New Hampshire, where we're spending time with Dave's 7 year old son and exploring the creeks, rivers, and railroad tracks that pepper the region. 

These views greeted us at a New Hampshire rest stop. 

Everything is so lush and green here. I can easily see why people fall in love and move to this region in the summertime. The thought of 9 months of snow and cold weather is hard to imagine with views like this! 

One of my favorite things is reading signs. This road trip has allowed me to indulge all my sign cravings; we always pull over for signs, especially historical ones. 

From Plainfield NH to Heartland VT, ferries traversed the Connecticut river. The first ferry landing was just North of this lovely spot. 

New Hampshire has been full of spots like this, where we pull over, take pictures, and soak in these landscapes. 

On a drive where we followed alongside of a river, we were intrigued by these signs. We are in love with this idea, and hanging these will be the first thing we do when we buy property. The signs read, "Wildlife safety zone. No hunting, fishing, trapping, or motorized vehicles. Hiking, photography, and nature study permitted." These are a fantastic alternative to the draconic "No trespassing, private property " signs so commonly seen. 

We took advantage of the signs' offer and and headed down a path towards the river. 

We found this small sandy spot by the river, which the animals apparently love, too. We saw a game trail the animals have been using and found deer, rabbit, and raccoon paw prints. Thank you, whoever owns this property, for sharing it and allowing us to have this experience! 

Another one of our favorite things is old railroad bridges. Dave has many fond memories of walking along railroad tracks, so he really loves coming across these. 

It's neat to find these old wire insulators still in use.

Nature is reclaiming this old bridge, and it's the combination of hulking man-made metal with nature's gentle green we find really appealing, as we've mentioned before. 

Dave's artistic eye at work on the bridge. 

A message on the bridge, reminding us to just jump; plunge in headfirst and pursue what you love! It was that philosophy that got us out of our comfortable life and on this trip, and it is the best advice we could give anyone. 


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