Monday, June 24, 2013

BBQ with Mr. Monkey, Wildflowers, and Windsor Vermont

We spent a morning driving around Windsor, Vermont, where Dave went to high school and lived for a while. 

An apartment building where Dave used to live. 

Windsor has some amazing natural features. This beautiful river runs through it and creates all kinds of little falls, which Dave happily remembers exploring. 

Dave was surprised to see the ambulance and police headquarters where his high school used to be. 

A picture-perfect swimming beach in Windsor. 

It was also a picture-perfect day! 

This really well-done war memorial on Windsor's main street has stone engravings of the residents' names who participated in every war America has been involved in, dating way back to the Revolutionary War. 

The number of names featured for WWII was astounding, considering what a small town Windsor is. It makes you realize the enormous amount of young men away at war and the changes that would have brought to the life of a town during World War II. 

Dave has been telling me about the excellent pizza at Pizza Chef ever since we met, and I finally got to taste for myself. It was everything Dave hyped it up to be, a combination of Chicago and New York style with delicious sauce and crust with crisp pepperoni that curls up around the edges. Delicious! 

Dave learned to play pool at the Pizza Chef on this same table from some really top-notch players. 

He played a game while we waited on our pizza for old times sake. 

We've been spending a lot of time with Dave's 7 year old son, Austin. 

One afternoon, we took a walk along the railroad tracks. We came across this old train car that had wrecked. It crashed so hard that the entire rail was torn up and the incredibly heavy front wheel of the car was bent and askew. 

Austin & Dad. 

Practicing Austin's reading skills on the train car. He's an incredibly bright kid, just like Dad! 

Austin and Dad collected the perfect sticks to fight off "monsters, zombies, and ghosts." 

We picked wildflowers around the train tracks to put in vases for Austin's mom and gram. They loved their flowers, and we had such a fun time collecting them. There is an incredible abundance of wildflowers here at this time of year. 

We had a BBQ one evening at gram's house. Mr. Monkey came along. 

We've been so busy lately and have been getting so many amazing photos that we've gotten a few days behind with our blog, so we'll be posting extra for the next day or so to get caught up! 


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