Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Railroad Tracks and Rivers

Around every corner in New Hampshire is a great place to explore. Abandoned railroad tracks and rivers are two of our favorite spots. As someone who had never even walked along a set of tracks before, I'm grateful Dave has shared his love of railroad tracks with me. They are wonderful places for an adventure. 

If a train had somehow ended up on this track by accident, I doubt this tiny red sign would really give the conductor adequate time to stop. 

We love the look and feel of overgrown train tracks. They're quiet and peaceful. 

We didn't actually find a path through this brush; we turned around here. It's amazing how quickly nature can take over without human interference. 

The long elevated bridge we crossed was right over the river. There are pretty big gaps in between the railroad ties, and though they're not wide enough to fall through, they're large enough to make your brain think there is danger! Dave is much more daring than I am to take pictures like this; I prefer just to keep walking. 

We got a fantastic view of the river from the elevated railroad bridge. 

If the wood didn't look quite so weather worn and rotten, this overhang would be ideal for fishing

We also got a view of this small hydro-electric power station, which are quite common throughout New Hampshire.  

After a steep descent, we made it down to the river. 

We both love the rivers, creeks, and streams in this region. A river filled with rocks and boulders just looks right, Dave always says. They certainly are the most beautiful to look at, in my opinion. 

Dave has also taught me a love for the art of walking in rivers on stones, another thing he grew up doing. 

To get back to the park where we started our adventure, we opted to cross to the bank on this fallen tree instead of going back upstream by rock. Dave found a long stick to help us balance as we crossed. And, like a gentleman, he crossed first just to make sure the log was sturdy. 

Some of Dave's artistic photography from the day, which we'll be putting up for sale in our Etsy store shortly. 


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