Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Getting off the Gateway Clipper boat next to PNC Park, we were greeted by dozens of geese and their goslings, who seem to really like calling this particular section of riverfront property home. 

Mom and Dad. 

On Fan Jam nights, there is a concert after the game. Saturday's Fan Jam was Kool and the Gang; remember those songs "Ladies Night" and "Celebrate?"They sounded a lot worse for the wear. We only stayed for a few songs, but that didn't make us enjoy our night any less.

Our seats were about as close to the field as you could get! This was our view. We were only four rows back. 

We were really hoping to be able to catch a stray ball from our seats, but no such luck. Only one came to a section near ours. 

The Pirates donned their Grays throwback uniforms for this game, which made them look like the Tampa Bay Rays from most angles. The Homestead Grays (from an area just outside of downtown Pittsburgh) was a professional baseball team that played in the Negro League of the United States. The team was founded in 1912. The Homestead Grays' popularity increased in the 1920's, and they began playing games at the Pirates' stadium. From 1940 until 1942, the Grays played half of their home games in Washington, D.C., and gradually began to play nearly all their games there as their popularity continued to be on the rise. 

We played against the Cincinnati Reds, who unfortunately beat us 2-0. 

Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen up to bat. 

The Pirates' Parrot mascot gives fans a chance to catch t-shirts and other goodies (and weird stuff like hot dogs) between innings. 

No Pirates game would be complete without everyone's favorite part, Mrs T's perogi race. Perogis are common in North American states like Pennsylvania with high concentrations of the Polish population. Traditionally, perogis are dumplings of unleavened dough, boiled then baked or fried, and stuffed with potatoes, meat, cheese, or other fillings. 

Also, no Pirates game would be complete without friendly seat neighbors, which Debbie and Bill were for us. It was great meeting you guys! 


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