Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Niagara Falls

First and foremost today, we want to shout out a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth and Darwin. When we were at my parent's house, we helped them put several things on Craigslist. When a couple came to pick up a table and chair set, we struck up great conversation and realized we had a lot in common. As they were leaving, Elizabeth reached into her wallet and pulled out some money, handing it to us as a wedding present. It was the sweetest, most kind thing, and it definitely brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Elizabeth and Darwin! It was lovely meeting you, and we truly appreciate the gift. 

Yesterday we went to Niagara Falls. I'd been before, but it was Dave's first visit. I'm glad I went a second time, because this visit left me with a much better impression. It was a rainy and grey day, so it was much less crowded, and we went out on the Observation Deck, which I hadn't done my previous visit. 

We came in via a back route, and got to drive alongside the water and watch it shift from perfectly calm to choppy to tumultuous right before the falls. 

Look, there's Canada over there behind the mist! 

You can see where the falls suddenly drop off here.

These photos were taken from the Observation Deck, which cost $1/person. We were at first frustrated at having to pay to see the falls because the entire sidewalk area with a view of the falls was completely closed off (a summer time ploy, we think, to bring in more tourism money), but our anger was assuaged with the premier views. 

It was dizzying to get near the edge and look down. The Observation Deck is so high up in the air! 

Breathtaking view. 

Next, we took the elevator down to the Lower Gorge, where you could walk up these steps and really be in the mist of the falls. The rocks here were supporting a very healthy moss population; they loved the steady supply of cool misty water, as I'm sure tourists do, too, in the heat of summer. 

This is a view from the ground of just how high up the observation tower was. We were standing all the way up there! 


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