Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chef's Hat and Family Visits in New England

After our amazing experience at the peace pagoda, we continued onward toward Vermont. I'd never been in New England before except for a trip to Boston, and was excited to see its famed beauty. It certainly did not disappoint! Coming into the aptly named Green Mountains from scenic Route 2 was breathtaking. 

This time of year is great for wildflowers; there have been fields of daisies and other happy gems all along roadways. 

Our main purpose in Vermont was to visit Dave's grandma's old farm, where Dave also lived for a bit when he was very young. Amazingly, he was able to find it without directions after not having been there for many years. 

The dairy farm has a beautiful location with the Green Mountains as the backdrop. 

All the recent rains appeared to have flooded the small pond in front. It seemed as though the water was right up to the front doors!

We spent the night in Williamstown Massachusetts, right over the border with Vermont, a picture-perfect New England town. 

In the morning, we went to The Chef's Hat, a diner Dave remembers from his childhood. 

We chatted with the waitstaff and told them about Dave visiting the diner as a kid. Dave says the diner hasn't changed, and he remembers crawling underneath the booths and eating blueberry pancakes as a child. 

 Talking with the owner, also named Dave, we asked if there were any bumper stickers we could put on our van to advertise The Chef's Hat in our travels. While they didn't have any bumper stickers, the owner generously offered us both t-shirts, which was so kind. We've been enjoying wearing our Chef's Hat shirts...thank you! :) 

After a delicious breakfast at The Chef's Hat, we headed to Connecticut, where Dave's parents currently live. We spent the past several days visiting with them. 

Dave's mom with some of the bags she hand-makes and has for sale in a campground store. 


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