Thursday, April 11, 2013

A March in April

When we were in Washington yesterday, there was a rally taking place for immigration reform. There were so many people---there had to be 100,000 or more. It was just a sea of bodies outside of the Capital building. It actually did make the National news---we read about it in the New York Times today. 

You couldn't help but admire how much effort these people put in to make this rally happen. People had come from all over- Texas, New York, all across the country- to participate. They were bused in because there would not have been enough places to park...we saw the lot full of buses by the Nationals stadium on our way out. After the rally ended, the people walked miles in the 93 degree heat back to the buses to return to their cars and homes. It was extraordinary. And it was so peaceful. It was so neat to see such a massive group of people get together for a common cause, and, whether or not they were even acknowledged by the politicians, to take a stand for what they believe in. 

It was also just neat to have the experience of a real rally in DC and think about all the rallies, marches, and protests that have taken place there over time. In some sort of way, it made us feel like a part of history, a connection to the past. 

We've moved on from Washington and spent today in Baltimore (don't disown me, Steelers fans!). We're stopping in the Chesapeake Bay area tonight to have dinner with Dave's brother, who also happens to be traveling through, and we're going to explore the bay and a state park tomorrow before we continue on towards our next work exchange. Also, there there are a few new items posted on our Etsy- some vintage advertisements from the 1940's. Take a peek! 


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