Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up on the Farm

As we wrap up our second week here at Woodsong Hollow, here are a few photos around the farm. 

Feeding the chickens in the morning is fun. When we take the feeder down to refill it, this white hen always climbs on top to eat. 

She's one of our favorite birds. She's very vocal and likes to walk around clucking loudly. 

We had a lot of hands on the farm today. Dave and John, a short term work exchanger from Philly, seeded an area where the pigs were last year. Jeff and his son Ty built a new pond in the woods and cleared out a little pool by the house. Nitya and I worked in the garden and completed the brick wall around the herb bed. 

Hello spring time! 

We also worked on mulching the garden beds with this, which is old bags of mushroom substrate from Joe and Angie. It makes great mulch! 

Putting cardboard down in all the paths is a great way to control weeds without the use of pesticides. Getting all the paths lined is a work in progress. We picked up the huge cardboard boxes from the recycling center last week. 

It was beautiful weather for working today. We had lunch in the front yard. 

In the mason jar is homemade yogurt, which Nitya and I made this week. It's a bit tart because we forgot about it and left it sitting out too long, but it was great to learn to make it, and it's still good. We'll do another batch soon. 


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