Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Washington DC

Yesterday, we took the Metro into DC, which was an experience in itself. It cost $9.20 for each of us. We sat for a while, trying to figure out how using the Metro would be cost efficient for residents to use. We assumed public transit would be much cheaper to make it appealing to residents, but after seeing traffic on the roads, it seems the only major upside is how quick and easy it makes it to get into the city. In the end, we came to the conclusion that living in a big city simply offends our sensibility of how much things should cost. In our minds, it shouldn't cost anything to get to where you work, park, etc. However, neither Dave nor I had been to DC before, so it was neat to see our Nation's capital. I'm happy this unexpected detour to this part of the country was able to work out. 

The Capital Building. 

It was great to find this garden oasis in the midst of all the concrete. 

Everything in DC is on a massive scale. I believe this was one of the Smithsonian buildings. I had no idea the Smithsonian was made up of multiple buildings, or that they all had free admission! It seems like you could spend a week wandering around the museums and still not see everything. 

Outside of the Native American museum. 

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. 

The Washington Monument. Unfortunately, you couldn't get near it due to construction, but it still looked really neat, especially here, with the sun setting. 


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