Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snippets of Farm Life

Our days here on the farm have been busy and productive. Here's a few snippets of what we've been up to. 

Oh yes. We both wore overalls on the same day. Unfortunately we forgot to get a photo of both of us together in them. Next time. Thanks previous work exchangers who left them in the dresser drawers for others to use! 

We got to go and work a few hours for Joe and Angie at the mushroom farm Tuesday. This was Dave descending into the cooker to retrieve the bags of substrate, which will soon be inoculated and colonized by the mushrooms.  

We also pruned some berry bushes at Joe and Angie's. Thankfully they are a thornless variety. Pruning them was really relaxing. 

This is the field that's been occupying most of our time lately here at Woodsong Hollow Farm. We've gotten the fence repaired, the secondary strand of electric fencing up, the pen assembled, supplies gathered, and feeders and waterers sanitized. Today we were finally able to move the young meat chicks out of the brooder and into their nice new home in a grassy pen. 

One of the disadvantages of life in the country: you get stuck driving behind things like this for a few miles. 

Finally, Dave has found someone else who is just as enthusiastic about using his portable wood stove as he is! Yesterday, Dave cooked several batches of older root veggies for the chickens and some mushrooms for us on his stove. We also had dinner outside sitting around it and got to enjoy the nice evening. 

The back of the farm house. It was so nice yesterday afternoon, our laundry fully dried outside in no time. 


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