Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sheep Crossings and Mushroom Farming

Today we got the chance to visit with Joe and Angie, local Pennsylvania mushroom farmers.

The beginning of our drive to the farm was really foggy! 

Why did the sheep cross the road? 
To get to the neighbor's lawn! 

Obviously someone has a hole in their fence. I'm sure the farmer won't be too happy when he discovers his break away sheep, but it was amusing to see these guys enjoying a walk across the street and through a neighbor's lawn. 

Joe with some of his white trumpet mushrooms. He and his wife Angie, not pictured, have a fantastic set-up. Joe was kind enough to show us around his operation and teach us about all kinds of fun things like substrate, mushroom spawn, and air filtration. Growing mushrooms is one of our primary interests for our future homestead, so we were grateful for the tour and the information. To top it all off, Joe sent us home with a great box of mushrooms, which we're about to use in a tasty beef stroganoff for supper.  If you're in the area and are interested in purchasing some home grown mushrooms, you can contact them at Thanks Joe and Angie! 

Dave with 2 of Joe and Angie's 5 Bernese Mountain Dogs. They were cuddly and sweet! 


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