Friday, April 5, 2013

Wanderer's Bounty

We have exciting news! Last night, we opened our online store on Etsy, Wanderer's Bounty. In it, we are selling our upcycled paper products, like business card blanks, vintage Life and other magazines, vintage advertisements, and, eventually, some of Dave's artwork as well as any other flea market treasures we come across.

After wearily turning off the computer close to midnight, we awoke early this morning to a notification on my phone...our first sale! We were so excited. All the work and hours photographing and writing descriptions paid off, very quickly. Hopefully this sets the precedent for many sales to come. Check out our Etsy store here.

Today, we've been busy painting a fence.


 And after! 

A nice fresh coat of white paint for spring. (And this is why Dave usually takes pictures, not me. Note the shadow.)  


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