Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Day on the Farm

Today was our first full day of work exchanging. So far, things are going great. Our hosts are wonderful--- we've had great food, yummy cheese, good wine, and conversation. The old farm house is just so full of charm and character. We have our own space upstairs: a bedroom, and a second room we've been using for reading and are going to use for art. Dave learned how to drive the tractor, and I scraped old paint off the cottage house to prep it for repainting. 

It's great hanging out with the chickens. They are true free range birds. I could spend all day watching them scratch around. I collected their eggs first thing this morning; they were still warm from just being laid.There are even babies---they make the most adorable little peeping sounds. 

Dave has also been busy cutting wood for the heating system, which is really neat. It basically works like a radiator, but is huge and stationed outside the house with pipes running inside. 

Buck is the best farm dog. He is fantastic. 

We tucked him in before dinner this evening on his porch swing bed. 


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