Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gum Boot Designs and Shoefly Pie

We got our boots at Tractor Supply yesterday...just the good old fashion plain black ones. Nitya cautioned us about the ones with cute designs and patterns--- apparently they've fallen apart within a week for the work exchangers who have bought them in the past, so we stuck with plain black. When Nitya and I were making dinner, Dave disappeared for a bit, and reappeared with our plain black boots re-imagined. 

The two rooster designs were for me because I love chickens. 

For himself, Dave designed a train and an owl. One says 35 and one says 6, because despite his real age, Dave is 6 at heart, especially drawing these fun designs. Since he created them with pastels, they'll wash or wear off soon, but they are fantastic while they last. We joked that Dave should start doing boot art design at fairs and festivals like other people do face painting. 

Both of us with the Woodsong Hollow Farm sign for the egg mobile, which was created by Anna, the last work exchanger here. 

We're settling into the daily routine of life here. We get up early and work from about 7:30 till noon, with free time in the afternoon before evening chores and dinner. Today, Dave cleared a huge chunk of brush and Nitya and I worked in the garden, planting kale, radicchio, and herbs and creating a section of brick edging to define the herb bed. 

We tried Shoefly pie for the first time, which we picked up from a Mennonite farm along with fresh raw milk, which apparently is legal to sale for human consumption in PA! Especially together, they were delicious. Tonight we're planning French Onion soup with toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner, and some sort of dessert out of some pears we need to use up. I'm about to spend some time with the farm's extensive recipe book collection. It's wonderful to be in a home that is so focused on creating nutritious, organic meals from what's available. 


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