Friday, April 19, 2013

Fire Ninjas

Today, the conditions were just right (overcast, slightly rainy with a chance of more rain overnight) to burn this enormous brush pile and the invasive plants Dave has been clearing. 

Dave and Nitya, fire ninjas. This is only about a third of the pile pictured. It was HUGE. 

Apparently these large stumps have been through three burns, and they're still holding up strong. 

A few hours later, it was reduced to smolders, though we were told that previous burn piles typically stay hot at the center for two full days. We will have to keep an eye on it for a while, but it was a  great accomplishment for the day! 

Saying hello to the ladies (and gentleman) this afternoon. 

Egg collecting is always one of my favorite tasks. These four made an even dozen for the day.  


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