Thursday, April 4, 2013

Overcast Days, Fresh Eggs, and Fire Places

Today, the forecast called for rain, which really limits what we can do outside, especially projects like painting. Though it hasn't actually started raining yet, we took advantage of the overcast morning to sleep in a bit, relax over cups of coffee and tea, and fix a tasty breakfast. 

The coming rain has cooled things down quite a bit, so we enjoyed a fire in the kitchen fireplace while we were cooking. These are all farm-fresh eggs from the chickens. We were talking about how these eggs are like an entirely different food from the store bought eggs. The yolks are noticeably richer- a deep almost orange color, as opposed to the very light yellow of the store bought eggs. And nothing can compare to their taste! 

Everything looks nicer with a fire in the background! 

The end result- a scramble with eggs, country sausage, tomato, and a bit of salsa on top. Yum. 

I went out to give the chicks fresh water and food this morning. They are growing every day---they are bigger now than when we first arrived just a few days ago. 

So cute. Little chick butts. 


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